Sproet & Sprout Black Sweat Shorts

Old skool sweat shorts with cool striped edges.

Made from 100% cotton

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Sproet & Sprout believe that true beauty lies in the perfect imperfections. The irresistible freckles on your son’s nose, the untameable curls on your daughter’s head or the charming gap between their teeth. These perfect imperfections make us who we are. One-of-a-kind, beautiful and interesting.

That’s why they like to draw outside the lines and bend the rules a little. Go off the beaten track and seek inspiration from the worlds of design, travel and food. Resulting in unisex designs for babies and kids that aren’t polished and slick, but edgy, adventurous and fun. Just like the little rascals wearing them.

A true Sproet & Sprout design comes in calm, basic colours, but still stands out from the crowd. They let their prints do the talking. All drawn by hand, leaving room for the perfect imperfections that bring their designs to life. Ready to conquer hearts, spark the imagination and go on countless adventures. Because Sproet & Sprout designs are made to be worn over and over and over again.


18 months




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