Laceez No-Tie Purple Shoelaces

  • Easily turn your child’s shoes into slip-ons: classic look, neat and stylish
  • Forget tying knots, bows, tripping, Laceez shoelaces lock in place
  • Ultra smooth quality elastic is non-curly and made to resemble standard laces
  • All Laceez come in an eco-friendly box

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Elastic shoelaces are what Laceez are about and their mission is not to tie! Elastic shoelaces are the solution they found to a very common problem – untied shoelaces. So they started Laceez in 2013 to be a classic, practical, convenient and stylish solution.

They set out to make every shoe a slip-on, and look better on your feet at the same time. They put together some elastic shoelace prototypes, sought out the highest quality (and custom) elastic, and began testing.

Conventional shoe laces come untied, Laceez do not. Shoelaces can often be an unsightly nuisance when they are dangling around all the time… Laceez no tie elastic shoelaces give the appearance of a sleek laced shoe.

Shoelaces can be inconvenient for kids, the elderly, those with disabilities, or people who just like slipping on their shoes and going!

We know that no-tie shoelaces are fairly new and many people haven’t even heard of them or haven’t made the choice to try something new. We invite you try Laceez and believe you will be very happy you did. We imagine that you will still have some pairs of shoes that use conventional laces as well, they’ll stand out in your wardrobe those tidy and convenient pair of shoes!


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25/26, 27-29, 30-31, 32-33, 34-36


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