Donsje Sheep Baby Aviator Hat

Absolutely gob-smackingly gorgeous! This baby aviator hat is made from a light grey leather with beige soft plush on the interiour for extra comfort and warmth. Closes under the chin with a velcro.

Sizing – 12 months (fits 0-12 months), 3 years (fits 1- 3 years)

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Amsterdam-based Donsje (Dutch for “fluffy”) offers a wide range of adorable booties and accessories for infants, toddlers and kids.

Every Donsje product contains:

  • Luxury Leather Materials
  • Handcrafted Design
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Cuteness

Each Donsje bootie blends padded comfort with the space to move freely, allowing your child’s feet to develop naturally and safely in preparation for those long-awaited first steps. All Donsje soles have been roughened to make them anti-slip, and all of their shoes made for children twelve months and older have a rubber sole. High-quality fastenings allows the shoes to be slipped on and off easily, and keep them securely on once buckled.

All of Donsje’s products are handmade with an eye to detail and are durable enough to provide gorgeous hand-me-downs for younger siblings. Packaged in a beautiful gift bag with a dangling silver bell, their products make the perfect present.

Donsje is growing fast, and nowadays their products are carried in the finest luxury department stores and concept stores around the world, from Tokyo to London, from Australia to Denmark. Their aim is to continue to help keep infants, toddlers and kids stylish and comfortable!

With responsible production in Indonesia in their own factory, each pair is handmade with the healthy development of tiny feet in mind. The Donsje team in Indonesia, consisting of local artisans who work at Donsje’s factory or in their own homes, lovingly creating the hand-made booties and accessories. Donsje believe it is important for manufacturers to stick to fair trade regulations and so workers are paid fair wages and are treated respectfully. Besides abiding by the fair trade regulations they also put a lot of effort in recruiting enthusiastic and fully committed employees. They are trained on how to manufacture Donsje products with an eye for detail.
The Founder

During her travels around the world Floor decided to design some sandals and matching accessories for herself and her sisters to remind her of all the beautiful moments she had experienced in all those faraway places. After returning to Singapore, where she used to live, she received an abundance of positive feedback on her designs. That is when she decided to go back to Indonesia to start her own production so she could sell her products at Expat fairs in Singapore. Friends and retailers really loved her products when she finally moved back to Amsterdam. That is when she decided to set up her own Footwear label for women, Donchoo. This proved to be a great success. While Donchoo continued to grow, Floor became pregnant with her first child. Looking for cute baby shoes, she realized that there were no leather booties that lived up to her expectations. That is when she decided to start designing and producing them herself. The Donsje label was born.

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