Billieblush Neon Pink Tassel Sweater

Please note – Colour is much more vibrant and pink than shown in the image

Beautifully soft neon pink sweater by Billieblush. Crisscrossed in diamond pattern interlaced with white wool and ending in pink and white tassels. The general pink knit of the sweater has a colourful filament running through it. Really soft as made from acrylic wool so guaranteed no itch!

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Once upon a time there was a sparkling, poetic and clever brand for dreamy girls who want to escape to a playful and enchanted world. A girly universe punctuated with playful messages for modern princesses!

With Billieblush tutus are fun! Sequined, embroidered, belted, or filled with surprises of all kinds…

Refined or off-the-wall details, neon touches, flounces and lace combined with practical models designed for the real life of little girls.

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6 years