Part 1 – The discovery

Woohoo, I’m going to be opening a new shop in October! Another one, you may ask, but you’ve only just opened the one you’ve got! Well yes, have only been in my little shop for 6 months but have quickly realised that location is key! My current shop is in a small village which only really has a bakery, a pharmacy and a post office and it’s located down a road that not many people use so there isn’t really any footfall going past the shop.  Now I’m doing OK and it was perfect as a first experience but when I saw this opportunity come up in Morges I decided it was too good an opportunity to miss.

So I went to see the shop today to take some photos and to confirm with the owner that I wanted to take it…

boutique morges

It’s on the main road through Morges so plenty of visibility and has a side window as well as the front window so will catch the people passing by on foot too!



The interiour is pretty 80s kitsch at the moment with lots of gold, chandeliers and a bright purple carpet but am thinking the potential here is enormous with it’s stone walls, little built in alcoves and beams and that it won’t take too much work to turn it into the little vintage chic kids boutique I’m envisioning.

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