Of course it’s easy to go into the town centre and shop at all the big name brand stores, you know what you’re getting and how much you’re going to pay for it and it’s usually all in one place!  As an independent retailer I had to think hard about why people may come to my small business instead of treading the path well worn. After much research and a little bit of common sense I found these 7 reasons to be the most compelling…

Small businesses provide unique gifts
Searching for the perfect Christmas gift can be difficult when you keep seeing the same products.  No one wants to get someone a gift they’ve already received from someone else, or a gift they’ve seen every time they’ve entered a department store in the last month.

Sometimes less is more
Let’s be honest – sometimes you’d rather have to choose between a handful of television sets or warm boots instead of a warehouse full of them. Your small retailers have done some of the legwork for you – offering a select inventory aimed at matching what you’re looking for in terms of quality and value.

Developing personal relationships
Small businesses are well placed to build personal relationships with customers, employees, and suppliers. With a small business you know who you are dealing with. Person-to-person interaction is as important as ever in building strong relationships.

Responding flexibly to problems and challenges
In a small business there is little hierarchy or chain of command. Large businesses may have set ways of operating and establish procedures that are hard to change. Small businesses are often far more flexible.

Inventiveness and innovation
Small businesses are well positioned to introduce and develop new ideas. This is due to their owners not having to report or seek approval from anyone else.

Small businesses support other businesses
Many small businesses are supplied by other small businesses.  Shopping at a small business is the gift that keeps on giving—they support each other, so by shopping at one, you are also supporting many others.

Small businesses are vital to the success of the economy
They are also an important source of employment. It is from these small companies that tomorrow’s big names will probably arise.

So if you don’t want your high street to disappear, get yourselves into boutiques, look at independent websites, and go to Christmas markets, not only will you find some treasures but you’ll probably have a great time too!

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