Motoreta is a young brand of kids wear from the south of Spain, Seville, a magic place with a unique identity and tradition lead by Cristina Lopez-Lago and Maria Llerena, both architect partners for years and closely linked to the world of  art and design. They embarked on this creative project following design concepts that they were developing in their office for years but, this time, applied on evocative world of childhood. That is the background to all their collections and the pillars of Motoreta’s designs are simple but sophisticated, with plain colors and clean shapes.

Motoreta’s concept is the result of a free creative process, inspired by the place were they live, their own kids, architecture and art, without neglecting their commitment to new design and production processes. A small-scale brand that produces clothes locally and sustainably, choosing quality raw materials and supporting small businesses through the manufacturing process. An example of how a local manufacturing can go together with a global thinking, design and best quality. 100% made ​​in Andalusia.

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