Minus Editions

Who is behind Minus books?

I’m running, you’re running, we’re running…and meanwhile what are the kids doing?? The iPad! Not again!!! This is how the idea for Minus came about. Entertaining and astute objects to be taken everywhere and used anytime you have a free moment to spend with your kids. From now on when you are waiting at the doctor’s surgery, in the queue or on a train, instead of taking out your mobile phone, take out your Minus …

Julie – bursting with creativity, mother of 2 daughters, and Alexandra – the sassy sales rep and mother of 3 girls

What is Minus?

Through activity booklets or other hard-to-describe objects, our goal is to inspire moments of togetherness between adults and children! For this reason, we developped our Minus collection with one idea in mind: to capture children’s attention while peaking adults’s curiosity! Whatever the subject (love, art, politics…) you will always find Minus to be:

  • Original and entertaining because a touch of humour makes everything easier!
  • Instructive but never boring content …
  • Activities (games, drawings, questions) that make one think and let your imagination run wild.
  • Colourful and fun graphics to encourage kids’ creativity and let their imagination run wild

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