Gosoaky create simple, essential rainwear using high quality fabrics and trims. Twice a year GOSOAKY brings out a new collection, which next to the return product will also feature fresh new colours and designs.

The people behind GOSOAKY have learned that it is possible to love the rain. It’s a part of everyday life in the Netherlands, so why not make the best of it? GOSOAKY believes that a shower or two doesn’t have to ruin an otherwise stylish day.

In wet climates the raincoat is not merely a functional garment. It’s a statement piece, an item that can and should complete any outfit. Gosoaky provide a unique combination of functional products with a high standard quality level and a fashionable look. Their rainwear is a tribute to all children who love to go on an outdoor adventure and their parents who love their kids to stay dry and look nice.

The GOSOAKY team loves penguins, and therefore they support projects of the World Wide Fund for Nature in Antarctic. These dashing dressers may seem to waddle around like they just don’t care, but climate change, overfishing, pollution are becoming a serious penguin problem. By buying a GOSOAKY item, you contribute to making the penguin world a better place.

Besides the environment, GOSOAKY also focuses on the people who are involved in manufacturing their rainwear. They only work with carefully selected and certified suppliers. GOSOAKY always adjusts and improves the design of the products to make them timeless and last as long as possible, both aesthetically and quality-wise, leaving as little waste as possible.

With strong values and goals they want to do the very best they can for the environment and everyone that makes, handles or uses their products.

Play outside and help a penguin!

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