As you may have noticed, a lot of this season’s collections for kids are in black or grey and after having a debate on a Facebook group I belong to I realised this subject is actually very divisive. There are those that are for and those that are very much against. Personally I love black on kids and even when mine were babies I used to dress them in black, it was only through having the boutique that I realised that not everybody felt the same.

angelina jolie's kidsAngelina, not afraid to dress her kids in black!

This season on Little Mooshoo we not only have Israeli brand Nununu which specialises in black clothes for kids season after season but we also have the usually very colourful Mim-Pi which has gone all black on us.

mim-pi black

Mim-Pi Autumn/Winter 2016

I realise it’s not for everybody, but I do think it’s good to stand out from the crowd and I challenge parents who think they don’t like kids in black to try it. You never know, you may end up agreeing with me!

Do you hate kids in black? Do you love kids in black? Have you got any photos of your little ones in black… please share if you do!

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